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Transform gut health with the most efficient and convenient digital care.
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Exceptional care experience

Uniting technology with evidence-based treatments, our virtual therapeutic care provides a personalized care journey and a comprehensive support team to transform patients’ digestive health.

Driven by superior results

With patients at the center of care, we develop immersive end-to-end solutions to deliver the best results for their digestive health.

Unparalleled gut symptom relief
Enhanced mental wellbeing
Increased work and life productivity
Reduced medical and healthcare costs

Optimizing outcomes and costs with integrative care

With an integrated digestive care platform, Bold Health transforms individuals’ gut health by delivering top-quality, convenient and effective digestive care with a consistently exceptional experience.

The significant impact of dispersed care

Ahead of heart disease, accidents and mental illness, gastrointestinal (GI) conditions drive extensive medical expense. Still, digestive care is highly fragmented and delivers sub-optimal outcomes. With patients struggling to navigate through different treatments, the right balance of care is rarely accessible.

Annual medical claims spend in the US






Accidents & trauma


Mental illness

Whole-person approach

A balance of medication, nutrition, behavioral & lifestyle interventions combined with digital therapeutics for self-management and remote monitoring


Unified multidisciplinary care

Full-stack care plans optimized by data and supported by a virtual-first team of GI specialists, dieticians and psychologists in sync


High-touch accessibility

Convenient 24/7 access to app-based telemedicine and on-demand health coaching available through benefits and insurance


The world’s been transformed by technology. Your gut health is next.

Digital therapeutics developed with patients at heart

Irritable bowel syndrome

A digital CBT-based program for individuals with IBS.

Inflammatory bowel disease

ACT-based digital self-help app for people with IBD.

Children's tummy pain

Gamified hypnotherapy-based kids app for abdominal pain.

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Transform gut health boldly

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