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Access the most efficient, convenient and effective digestive care through an end-to-end virtual platform.

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Transform your gut health without putting your life on hold

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1. Seamless enrolment

Get exclusive member access from your employer or insurance benefit

Complete your onboarding assessment

Get your goal review with your Care Guide

Go through your results and medical history with your gastroenterologist online

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2. Personalized care plan

Receive a fully customized health plan from your doctor with referrals to the services you need 

High-quality tests and diagnostics

Guidance from a team of specialists

24/7 access to digital programs for self-help and symptom management

3. Superior outcomes

Achieve better results for your gut health faster with an all-in-one immersive platform

Digital toolkit tailored to your care needs

Access to medication and dietician advice at no extra cost

Progress monitoring reviewed regularly with your Care Guide

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One-point access to every element of GI care, working in sync

With a single care platform developed with proprietary technology, you get high-quality, comprehensive care guided by your personal Health Coach.

GI experts

With a gastroenterologist to create your care plan and GI nurse for on-demand care advice


Integrated testing and diagnostics accessible through premium partner services

Clinical psychologists

Assessing and addressing the root causes of your condition through behavioral science


On-demand prescriptions available through a consultation with the in-house Gi doctor 

Digital therapies

Specifically-targeted self-management programs based on  clinically-proven interventions

Diet & nutrition

In-house dieticians will guide you through a nutrition plan to help you reach a balanced diet

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Unparalleled outcomes. Transformed gut health.

Lasting patient benefits

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Amazing service - I feel so much better!

Jane Doe
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Great platform - accessible from anywhere!

Clinical psychologists
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Wonderful service- I feel really supported.

Digital therapies

Benefit from the reliable GI care with you at a focal point

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